Madonna Slams Critics Who Called Her Appearance ‘Unrecognizable’ at Grammy Awards 2023


Photo credit:CBS

Madonna is not one of those people who will take criticism while remaining mute. In response to those who criticised her appearance at the Grammy Awards in 2023, the 64-year-old music icon has lashed out at them. Following criticism that the Material Girl was “unrecognizably” the Material Girl at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, Madonna blasted “ageism and misogyny” in a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday.

Madonna’s speech was accompanied by a video showing her mingling with stars including Cardi B, Sam Smith, and Honey Dijon at the Grammy Awards.People on social media have commented that Madonna was “unrecognizable” and that she might have undergone plastic surgery during Sunday’s broadcast of the Grammy Awards.

Madonna claims that a “closeup” taken with a “long lens camera” caused her face to appear rounder and puffier than it actually was. After identifying the problem, she continued, “Once again I am caught in the spotlight of ageism and misogyny that permeates the world we live in.

In the lengthy article, Madonna said it was an honour to introduce Kim Petras, the first openly trans person to win a Grammy, and Sam Smith, who shared the duo prize and made history by becoming the first openly non-binary artist to win in the Best Pop Duo/Group Collaboration category.She added that instead of accepting the Album of the Year trophy, she had chosen to introduce Petras because she felt that the former event would be more significant and appropriate for her trailblazing status.

But Madonna was angry that people were focusing only on her physical beauty and neglecting her remarks. She referred to the “Unholy” performers as “instead of focusing on what I said in my speech which was about giving thanks for the fearlessness of artists like Sam [Smith] and Kim [Petras].

“Many people only discussed the close-up images of me taken by a press photographer using a long lens, which would have distorted anyone’s face”.The pop diva continued, “I have never apologized for any creative decisions I have made, nor the way that I appear or dress, and I’m not going to start”.

Madonna lamented that she lived in a “society that feels the need to punish her and refuses to honour women above the age of 45.” If she maintains her own spirit, diligence, and spirit of adventure.Shutting Down Her Critics, she then paraphrased BeyoncĂ©’s famous phrase, “You won’t break my soul,” from her blockbuster song. Madonna continued to be defiant as she finished her caption. “I anticipate engaging in subversive conduct for many more years, pushing limits, challenging the patriarchy, and, above all, having fun”.

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