Winner of record $2.04 billion Powerball finally revealed

The sole winner of November’s $2.04 billion (Rs 16,590 crore) powerball lottery, the richest in US history, has been revealed. According to its Twitter handle, California Lottery officials announced at a news conference on Tuesday that Edwin Castro won the Powerball jackpot and chose the lump sum payoff of $997.6 million. Aside from his name, … Read more

New Zealand: Strong earthquake of magnitude 6.1 hits north west of Wellington

Photo credit:GettyImages A magnitude 6.1 earthquake rocked New Zealand just one day after a devastating cyclone placed the country into a state of emergency over parts of the country. According to an official monitoring service, the quake struck beneath the Cook Strait, which separates New Zealand’s North and South Islands, at 7.38 p.m. local time.It … Read more

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria One of the Deadliest in Decades

Photo credit:GettyImages After the earthquake on Monday, more than 20,000 people died in Turkey and Syria, making it one of the deadliest since 2000. By Thursday, the death toll in Turkey alone had surpassed 17,000, matching the figure from the country’s quake on August 17, 1999, which occurred roughly 60 miles outside of Istanbul and … Read more